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Our highly trained staff here at Gilmore Chiropractic works to properly diagnose your condition, get to the root of the problem, and develop a unique treatment plan for you.

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We continue to work with you to customize your plan to ensure that you are able to maintain the progress you achieve and avoid future injury.
For your first visit you will need:
  • A photo id
  • Insurance card
  • List of medications
(772) 466-9575
In this part of our website you will find a series of links containing necessary paperwork for your first visit. If you choose to print and fill these out, you will be good to go once you arrive for your first visit.
Following your initial consultation with our team, we will review any x-rays and diagnostic tests with you, providing a comprehensive explanation of your condition and potential reasons for your symptoms. Upon identifying the cause, we will initiate gentle therapy and treatment. You will also receive guidance on home activities, including stretches, exercises, the utilization of supportive devices like back braces, and other recommendations aimed at facilitating a speedy recovery. Our primary objective for every patient is to facilitate a swift and optimal restoration of well-being!

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Chiropractic practices are a great alternative means of treatment which avoid the use of medications or surgery. For more information on structural chiropractic or to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (772) 466-9575.
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Here at Gilmore Chiropractic we utilize unconventional medicine, which places an emphasis on treating the disease as soon as it occurs.

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